Reasons to opt for LiTE Home batteries

Feb 26, 2024 | Freedom Won

Reasons to opt for LiTE Home batteries

In today’s energy landscape, when homeowners are looking to make the transition to solar power every day, South African installers must keep their portfolio stocked with dependable, dynamic PV system components. Thankfully, you can do this with the Freedom WonLiTE Home battery range.

Comprising several different-sized units of up to 30kW in capacity, this impressive collection of solutions is equipped with all the features required to cater to residential applications — whether your clients are just getting started or going all out.

There are countless reasons why our experts recommend the LiTE Home batteries, but here are just a few to give you a glimpse into their capabilities. Keep reading and prepare to stock up; homeowners will thank you!


1. Cost-effectiveness

Nowadays, many South African residents are making use of today’s financing options to implement PV systems and escape the high and unpredictable monthly energy bills that come with a grid connection. As an installer, it is your duty to select products that help customers maximize these savings in the long-run — and the Freedom Won LiTE Home batteries can do just that.

Because these dynamic products do not just provide relief from load shedding, but also deliver stored solar energy for use during critical or high-tariff periods, they can help homeowners avoid traditional supplies when they are most expensive. In turn, your customers save a fortune on monthly utility bills over the lifespan of the system.

2. Environmental impact

Plenty of the country’s homeowners are drawn to the idea of loosening or cutting their ties with the national grid due to the toll coal powered supplies take on the planet. For these customers, the sustainability factor of their battery will be of upmost importance. Unsurprisingly, this is another area where Freedom Won’s LiTE Home batteries excel.

With an ultra-efficient design, the LiTE Home models are engineered to help users generate more excess energy and reduce their consumption of grid power as much as possible. So, your customers can minimise their contribution to carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a more positive environmental impact.

3. Reliability

South Africa’s energy landscape is notoriously unreliable, with grid security and a round-the-clock supply being a distant dream for much of the population. As such, all homeowners will appreciate the importance of an energy system they can count on — and the LiTE Home batteries provide this security.

These products can be charged more quickly than other less innovative batteries. For instance,the 10/8 modeltakes just an hour to charge. This reduces downtime and ensures a stable renewable energy supply is available when it is needed, helping you offer customers more reliable power and can gain a greater sense of energy independence.

4. Lasting power

PV system longevity is crucial for all residential clients — and especially those who are hoping energy storage will add value to their property when they decide to move house. Fortunately, many elements of the Freedom Won batteries are synonymous with longevity, from their lifespan to their ability to be paired with equally durable inverters.

The LiTE Home models come with 10-year local manufacturer’s warranties as standard (more than what is offered by most alternatives on the market) for fewer replacement and maintenance requirements and a better property asset. Plus, they are compatible with a wide range of inverters, so you are free to select one with the best lifespan and build a long-lasting system.

5. Safety

No matter how great a battery seems, your customers can still struggle with safety concerns if not given reason to believe their system is protected against common causes of errors and unsafe conditions, like overcurrent and fires, which can cause fires. However, this is not a problem with the LiTE Home batteries.

These products boast lithium-ion phosphate technology, making them more thermally stable than other battery models. LiTE Home batteries also have an advanced battery management system that detects faults and integrated heavy-duty circuit breakers, which interrupt electricity flow when required to prevent unsafe currents. So, you can reassure customers and keep them safe.

6. Aesthetics

Whilst a PV system’s look might not put a customer off integrating a battery energy storage system (BESS), products that integrate well within homeowners’ spaces will boost customer satisfaction and leave you confident in the quality of your service. And Freedom Won batteries are as aesthetically pleasing as they come.

The LiTE Home models fit neatly into residential applications, as they are compact. Not only this, but these products boast a sleek design, with attractive aluminium enclosures that provide a premium-looking finish to the energy storage solution. As such, Freedom Won batteries do not just perform as they should, but they look the part too!

In summary…

Freedom Won LiTE Home batteries bring a multitude of benefits for your customers. Beyond the sleek aesthetics that seamlessly integrate with the design of any home, the original equipment manufacturer’s paramount emphasis on safety ensures peace of mind for families.

With lasting power and reliability at its core, the cutting-edge technology built into LiTE models not only enhances energy resilience but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Moreover, the tangible return on investment homeowners can enjoy with these products underscores the financial prudence of choosing Freedom Won LiTE Home batteries.

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